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International Professional Technologist Program (iPTP)

The IPTP-A program offered by NAMTECH School of Social Impact (NSST), is a full-time, residential program aimed to prepare highly skilled world-class technologist in Automation. It is a one-year program offered to top ranked ITI students and diploma holders.

iPTP-A is designed in collaboration with ITE Education Services (ITEES), Singapore with inputs from prominent industry experts in Industry 4.0 iPTP-A equip and enable learners to pursue global job opportunities Upon successful completion of the program, a joint certification will be provided by NAMTECH & ITEES Singapore

Duration - 12 months | 4 trimesters, each of 12 weeks’
Eligibility - ITI/Diploma

Why enroll in International Professional Technologist Program (iPTP)

Cutting-edge Tech facilities

to enhance practical learning

Curriculum enriched with leading

Industry-Academia interface

Skill-centric teaching

paradigm enhances vocational competency

Knowledge and expertise to pursue

present & future careers

Curriculum designed at global standard

(ITEES Singapore)

Access to advanced Labs equipped with

Industry 4.0 technology

Fees & Scholarships

  Fee Fee After Scholarship
Academic Fee 250,000 NIL
(for Diploma, ITI and female students)
Hostel, food and transport charges 200,000 Diploma – 60,000
ITI – 30,000
All Female Students – 15,000
Total fees 450,000 Diploma – 60,000
ITI – 30,000
All Female Students – 15,000

Program Curriculum

Our transnational curriculum designed in collaboration with ITEES Singapore, opens multiple job horizons around the globe for our learners

Some of the major course modules are:

  • CAD and Mechanical Applications
  • Electrical & Electronics Applications
  • Pneumatics and Automation
  • PLC and Motor Control
  • Electro-mechanical control systems
  • PLC programming & communication
  • Pneumatics and electro-pneumatics systems
  • Sensor technology
Program Curriculum

Learning by Doing


New Life Habits

Program outcome

  • The iPTP curriculum will expose you to a broad yet thorough overview of the core manufacturing principles
  • This will prepare you to apply digital skills into a dynamic and highly in demand sector, putting you ahead in the graduate job market

Our Differentiators

  • Program includes a series of industry sponsored projects where students work in teams to solve problems that have market place impact
  • Students work on real-world manufacturing projects and have access to state-of-the-art labs and equipment
  • Emphasise self-directed learning so students have flexibility to select own industry sponsored projects and design their own learning experience
  • Highly customisable program in which students collaborate with faculty and industry partners to tailor their coursework to their specific interests and career goals
  • Describe New Life Habits modules
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