Srishti Paliwal Assistant Professor at NAMTECH
Srishti Paliwal

Srishti Paliwal

Srishti Paliwal holds a Master’s degree in Physics with specialization in Electronics and Condensed Matter Physics, where she conducted her thesis project at the National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi. Her academic journey culminated in an ongoing pursuit of Ph.D. from IIT (BHU) in Materials Science and Technology.

She is the recipient of the prestigious Prime Minister Research Fellowship from the Government of India. In her Ph.D. she worked on synthesis and characterization of lead-free piezoelectric perovskites ceramics for high temperature energy harvesting applications.

Her research interests encompass smart functional materials, energy harvesting devices, heat treatment techniques, various processing methods and their effects on functional properties, and polymer nanocomposites.

Outside of her academic pursuits, Srishti enjoys traveling, swimming, volleyball, badminton, reading, music, and dancing.

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