Our Faculty of Engineering and Technology | NAMTECH

Dr. Lizhe Tan

Department Chair, Electrical and Computer Engineering | Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Purdue University Northwest

Dr. Sayanti Roy

Assistant Professor of Computer Science Purdue University Northwest

Dr. Aref Yadollahi

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering Purdue University Northwest

Dr. Subbarao Venkata Majety

Lecturer and Director of Design Studio, School of Engineering Purdue University Northwest

Dr. Chenn Zhou

NIPSCO Distinguished Professor of Engineering Simulation | Director, the Center for Innovation through Visualization and Simulation (CIVS) Purdue University Northwest

Edward Gasper

Cluster Manager – Didactic FESTO

Fou Teck Kong 

Manager in Training and Support at Festo Didactic

Harold Clayton Hingada Gelilio


Joson Loh 

Manager in Training and Support for Festo

Lim Beng Chen

Didatic Product Specialist FESTO Pte

R Ugesh

Trainer Festo

Jegatesan J


Dr Danqing Zhang

TUM Asia

Benjamin Moey

TUM Asia

Eldhose Abraham

TUM Asia

Dr.-Ing. Ali Bawono

Lecturer TUM Asia

Dr. Bhaumik Nagar

Principal Faculty at NID

Dr. K G Prashanth

Program Director (Smart Manufacturing)

Dr. Rajagopalan Pandey

Assistant Professor

Dr. Murali Dibbanti

Assistant Professor

Dr. Ashish Shukla

Assistant Professor

Dr. Sachin Kumar

Assistant Professor

Dr. Pratik Chattopadhyay

Assistant Professor

Dr. Sanjeev Gupta

Dean - Academics