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iPMP at NAMTECH Better than the Traditional MBA

Why iPMP at NAMTECH is Superior to a Traditional MBA for Managerial Roles in Future Factories

In the era of Industry 4.0, future factories demand managers who are not just adept...

  • May, 2024
Who Should Pursue the iPMP Program and Why

Who Should Pursue The iPMP Program and Why?

The iPMP, a professional master’s program offered by NAMTECH, is an educational initiative by ArcelorMittal...

  • May, 2024

MTech or iPMP: Which One is Better for a Flourishing Engineering Career in 2024 and Beyond

There is an urgent need to revamp our engineering education, and traditional MTech and BTech...

  • April, 2024

What are the Career Prospects after the iPMP Program?

The International Professional Master’s Program (iPMP) is a career-oriented, industry-aligned program for grooming engineers to...

  • April, 2024
Future of Smart Manufacturing

Smarten UP Conventional Engineering with Smart Manufacturing Engineering. Explore How?

“If the 140 crore countrymen take a resolve to make the nation developed, then India...

  • April, 2024
iPMP Prepare Students for The Engineering of The Future

How Does iPMP Prepare Students for The Engineering of The Future?

“Never before in the history of mankind has the pace of innovation and technological acceleration...

  • April, 2024
Smart Manufacturing Components Advantages

What is Smart Manufacturing, its Components and Advantages

The web is buzzing with searches about industry 4.0, smart manufacturing, and related topics. A...

  • April, 2024