Role of NAMTECH in India’s Smart Manufacturing Growth
iPMP Program

02 July, 2024

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How does NAMTECH Groom Smart Manufacturing Professionals to Fuel India’s Growth Story?

‘India aims to become a global manufacturing hub through several schemes and projects, promoting domestic and international organizations to produce goods in India and encouraging investment, R&D, and innovation.

Some notable government schemes to encourage manufacturing in India include:

  • Production Linked Incentive Scheme
  • Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana
  • National Logistics Policy
  • National Industrial Corridor Development
  • National Single Window System
  • Multiplier Grants Scheme

India projects that 25% of the economy’s output will come from manufacturing by 2025. To achieve this, we need smart manufacturing professionals equipped with the skills to run future factories. Experts suggest that traditional engineering programs are insufficient for Industry 4.0, and specialized courses in smart manufacturing are essential.

Addressing this need, NAMTECH (New Age Makers Institute of Technology) offers iPMP, a professional master’s program, to fuel India’s growth story with its tech expertise. Here’s how NAMTECH grooms industry-ready smart manufacturing professionals.

Advantages of NAMTECH as a New Age Institute

NAMTECH’s professional master’s programs align with the government’s priority of upskilling youth to meet future workforce demands. By equipping young minds with industry-ready skills, NAMTECH helps attract global corporations seeking skilled professionals and boosts employment opportunities.

NAMTECH is a pioneering, industry-aligned institute where students tackle complex, real-world issues and gain practical experience in Industry 4.0 technologies. The institute brings industry experts, including professors of practice and guest faculty, to offer hands-on activities, virtual simulations, industry projects, and internships.

NAMTECH follows a learner-centred andragogical method, allowing students to take control, set their own goals, and harness technology to solve pressing global issues. The campus infrastructure integrates physical and digital touchpoints, including state-of-the-art labs and workshops using Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR).

The institute fosters human capital, preparing technologists for future factories within a smart manufacturing ecosystem. Learning extends beyond classrooms, with sessions on new life skills and extracurricular activities.

Students can explore all these benefits with iPMP in Smart Manufacturing, contributing to India’s aim of becoming a developed economy driven by a resilient manufacturing sector.

Key Features of the iPMP Program for a Rewarding Career in Industry 4.0

NAMTECH offers industry-ready programs in smart manufacturing with innovative teaching methods and world-class educational infrastructure. Here are the key advantages of its flagship program, iPMP in Smart Manufacturing:

  • Accelerated professional master’s program focusing on technology, engineering, design, and management (TEDM).
  • Assured placements in Indian MNCs and abroad after a three-month internship.
  • Average salary of already placed students: Rs. 12 LPA.
  • One-month global immersion program at TUM Asia, Singapore (inclusive in fees), TUM Germany (optional, with travel and accommodation expenses borne by students).
  • Experiential learning model with intensive hands-on training by national and international faculty and industry thought leaders.
  • Up to 100% scholarships available for deserving candidates, including a “Women in Manufacturing” scholarship for female students.

The iPMP in Smart Manufacturing gives students a broad yet thorough overview of core manufacturing principles. The program prepares technologists to apply digital skills in a dynamic and high-demand sector, giving them an edge over traditional engineering graduates.

Differentiators of the iPMP Program to Groom Professionals for Scripting a New Chapter of Manufacturing in India

The iPMP in Smart Manufacturing and other NAMTECH programs feature industry-sponsored projects where students work in teams to solve real-world manufacturing challenges. Students access cutting-edge labs and equipment and focus on self-directed learning, selecting their projects and designing their own learning experience.

Program Details

The iPMP in Smart Manufacturing is a fully residential, global immersion program offered by NAMTECH in collaboration with the Technical University of Munich (TUM) Asia, Singapore.

Eligibility: BE/BTech degree with minimum 65% marks in 10th, 12th & Graduation.

For Working Professionals: BE/BTech graduates working in manufacturing and possessing up to 5 years of experience can apply for NAMTECH admission.

Duration: 12 months/4 trimesters, each of 12 weeks duration.

Curriculum: Integrated into projects, theories, and competencies to create future Techno-Managers. Grounded in the real-world Industry 4.0 environment.


The skill gap is a grave concern, and programs like iPMP in Smart Manufacturing work towards bridging that gap with future-ready skills. The India Skills Report, 2024, stated that India is facing a 60% to 73% gap between supply and demand in key job roles, including data scientist, DevOps, ML engineer, and data architect. Smart manufacturing programs from institutions like NAMTECH are promising courses to fuel India’s growth story in Industry 4.0.

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