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Who Should Pursue the iPMP Program and Why

May, 2024

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Who Should Pursue The iPMP Program and Why?

The iPMP, a professional master’s program offered by NAMTECH, is an educational initiative by ArcelorMittal and Nippon Steel designed to groom tech-savvy professionals for future factories.

The World Economic Forum projects that by 2025, around 50% of all employees will need upskilling. With significant changes expected in job roles, over one-third of employees will require professional programs to become future-ready for Industry 4.0 and beyond.

The iPMP program is essential to bridge the skill gap and help India achieve its ‘Vikshit Bharat’ vision by 2047. But who should pursue this smart manufacturing program? Let’s explore the potential beneficiaries.

Who Should Pursue the iPMP Program?

1. Students

Engineering graduates and students can greatly benefit from smart manufacturing programs. The iPMP program equips them with skills to run smart factories in Industry 4.0 and beyond, preparing them for new-age job roles such as Twin Engineer, Robotic Coordinator, Smart Factory Manager, and AI Engineer.

2. Manufacturing Engineers

Manufacturing engineers with traditional degrees must be equipped with Industry 4.0 technologies such as AI, ML, Robotics, Automation, AR, and Virtual Reality. The iPMP program by NAMTECH enhances skills in quality control, process engineering, and production management, preparing engineers to become technologists for future factories.
They can design smart and innovative manufacturing processes and products, perform predictive analysis to minimize machine failures, and use digital twins to create virtual prototypes. The iPMP program ensures manufacturing engineers are proficient in technologies critical for future factories.

3. IT Professionals

Smart manufacturing relies heavily on IT skills, including industrial automation, software development, cybersecurity, and data analytics. The iPMP program enhances IT professionals’ skills for future factory processes and diverse manufacturing environments, improving overall manufacturing efficiency and enabling the implementation of smart manufacturing technologies.

4. Operations Managers

Professionals managing day-to-day factory operations can significantly benefit from smart manufacturing programs. Industry 4.0 technologies such as AI, Cloud Computing, and IoT provide insights to leverage new-age technologies, boosting efficiency, flexibility, and productivity in manufacturing processes.

5. Supply Chain Managers

Supply chain management can be enhanced by integrating data analytics, IoT, and IIoT devices. Real-time data management helps optimize inventory, enabling real-time tracking and improving supply chain visibility and responsiveness. AI can predict demand and optimize logistics, enhancing overall supply chain efficiency.

6. Quality Assurance Specialists

Quality control is vital in manufacturing, but traditional methods may lack accuracy. Industry 4.0 technologies like sensors and predictive analytics help monitor and improve product quality throughout the manufacturing process. The iPMP program trains professionals to use these technologies for faster and more accurate quality control, transitioning systems into Quality 4.0.

7. Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Understanding the manufacturing process, challenges, and technologies is crucial for business owners and entrepreneurs. The iPMP program is ideal for those looking to start or scale a manufacturing business. It provides knowledge to make informed decisions about technology investments and infrastructure, helping implement smart manufacturing technologies to enhance efficiency, minimize errors, and produce high-quality products.

8. Researchers and Academia

Smart manufacturing is the future, integrating technologies at various touchpoints. After completing a BE/BTech, individuals can pursue the iPMP program for a promising career in research and academia, exploring areas like artificial intelligence, advanced robotics, phygital systems, and cyber-physical processes.


Anyone interested in modernizing and optimizing manufacturing processes through data-driven and tech-based methods can benefit from the iPMP program in Smart Manufacturing. Explore and apply for NAMTECH admissions for a prosperous career ahead.

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