Soumya Sangita Nayak Assistant Professor at NAMTECH
Soumya Sangita Nayak

Soumya Sangita Nayak

Soumya is an accomplished academic and researcher specializing in smart manufacturing. She began her academic journey with a B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering from the Government College of Engineering in Kalahandi, Odisha. Pursuing her passion for advanced manufacturing technologies, she completed her M. Tech in Manufacturing System Engineering at VSSUT Burla, where she developed a keen interest in innovative manufacturing processes and systems.

Continuing her pursuit of excellence, Soumya joined the prestigious Ph.D. program at IIT Kharagpur. Her doctoral research, which is on the cusp of completion, focuses on modelling and simulation of friction stir welding process and the hybrid digital twin of the FSW process, contributing valuable insights to the field of smart manufacturing. She has published research papers in peer-reviewed journals and presented papers at international conferences. Upon nearing the completion of her Ph.D., Soumya joined NAMTECH as an Assistant Professor in the Smart Manufacturing Group. Here, she leverages her extensive knowledge and research experience to educate the next generation of engineers and contribute to cutting-edge research in smart manufacturing technologies.

In her leisure time, she engages in a multifaceted array of activities, including avidly listening to music, honing her culinary skills through cooking, and delving into the realms of new technologies and philosophical discourse by watching seminars and videos.

2018 – 2024 PhD Doctor of Philosophy

  1. Advanced Technology Development Centre, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

2015 – 2017 MTech Manufacturing System Engineering

  1. Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology, Burla, Odisha

2010 – 2014 BTech Mechanical Engineering

  1. Government College of Engineering Kalahandi, Odisha
  1. Assistant Professor: Department of Smart Manufacturing, NAMTECH; Gandhinagar, India May 2024-Present
  2. Teaching Assistant: AI for Manufacturing Course, Center of Excellence in Advanced Manufacturing Technology and in Metrology lab, Forming lab, Friction Stir Welding Lab, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (2018-2023)
  3. Junior Research Fellow: Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, (September 2017-January-2018)
  4. Guest Faculty: Department of Mechanical Engineering, Government College of Engineering Kalahandi, Odisha, (July 2017- September 2017).
  5. Industrial Internship: Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Sunabeda, Odisha (June-2013).


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  1. Manufacturing processes, Modeling and Simulation, AI in manufacturing, Digital Twin in Manufacturing.

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