Preeti Lata Mahapatra Ph.D.- Assistant Professor at NAMTECH


Preeti Lata Mahapatra is a Ph.D. graduate from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur where she pursued her research in the School of Nanoscience and Technology. Her doctoral thesis was titled “2D Natural Silicates for Energy harvesting and Environmental Applications.” In addition, she contributed to a number of studies investigating different nanomaterials (such as metal oxides, hBN, graphene, tellurides, etc.) for gas sensors, water treatment, piezoelectric and flexoelectric devices, and batteries. Before beginning her doctoral studies, she worked for more than two years as a research fellow at the CSIR-Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute in the functional materials and devices division (formerly called sensor and actuator division).

There, she focused on developing carbon nanotubes, alumina and spinel oxides, and electrode design for humidity and gas sensors. She has also authored over 25 international peer-reviewed scientific research papers with more than 10 lead authorships.

Her bachelor’s and master’s degrees were in Nanotechnology (Integrated M.Tech) from the Central University of Jharkhand.

Her interest lies in integrating experimental and fundamental engineering concepts into the teaching and learning of new technologies. She enjoys travelling, music, learning graphics, and acrylic painting in her free time.

2020 – 2023 Ph.D

  1. 2020 – 2023 Ph.D. in Nanoscience & Technology, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India. Thesis Title: 2D Natural Silicates for Energy Harvesting and Environmental Application

2012 – 2017 M.Tech

  1. 2012 – 2017 M.Tech in Nanotechnology (Dual Degree), Central University of Jharkhand, India. Thesis Title: Fabrication of capacitive humidity sensors and their effect on performance Major GPA: 8.39/10 (Distinction)

Aug 2017 – Dec 2019

  1. Aug 2017 – Dec 2019 Council of Scientific and Industrial Research -Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute, Kolkata, India
  2. Project Research Fellow, Department: Functional Materials and Devices Division
  3. Project Title: Development of a microcontroller-based humidity meter to monitor the quality of tea in northeastern India (Govt.Of India (DST-SERB)).

Jan 2020 – Jan 2024

  1. Jan 2020 – Jan 2024 Institute Teaching Assistant (Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur)
  2. UG &PG courses (Materials Engineering course and Materials Processing course )
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