Mr. Hiroshi Ebina | Economics Grad. from Kyoto University | NAMTECH Board Member
Mr. Hiroshi Ebina

Mr. Hiroshi Ebina

Mr. Hiroshi Ebina, a distinguished professional with a wealth of experience in the steel industry, currently holds the position of Managing Director at Nippon Steel India. His remarkable journey spanning over three decades is a testament to his unwavering commitment to the steel sector.

Mr. Ebina embarked on his professional journey in April 1992 when he joined Nippon Steel Corporation. His initial foray into the corporate world commenced in the finance department, marking the foundation of his illustrious career. Subsequently, he contributed his expertise to various facets of the organization, including general administration and human resources at Muroran Works.

His career trajectory witnessed a shift towards marketing, particularly in automotive flat products, where he dedicated a substantial period from 1998 to 2008. This tenure was characterized by seven years in the domestic market and three years in global overseas marketing, underscoring his transnational perspective and business acumen.

In 2008, Mr. Ebina embarked on an international assignment with USIMINAS in Brazil, a subsidiary of Nippon Steel Corporation. His role as a Marketing Advisor for four years further enriched his global experience and understanding of international steel markets.

In the subsequent phase of his career, Mr. Ebina assumed the mantle of managing overseas joint ventures in various countries, including Thailand, China, Mexico, India, and Indonesia. His leadership as the Head of Global Business Development in Japan from 2012 to 2015 was instrumental in expanding Nippon Steel Corporation’s international footprint and strategic initiatives.

His commitment to the steel industry and his remarkable journey thereon is underpinned by his academic foundation. Mr. Ebina is an economics graduate from Kyoto University in Japan.

In conclusion, Mr. Hiroshi Ebina’s exemplary career in the steel industry, marked by leadership, international experience, and a commitment to excellence, positions him as a distinguished figure in the global steel sector. His multifaceted contributions underscore his enduring dedication to the industry’s growth and development.

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