Mr. Maulik Bhagat | B Tech from DA-IICT | NAMTECH Board Member
Mr. Maulik Bhagat

Mr. Maulik Bhagat

Mr. Maulik Bhagat, a distinguished figure with a diverse portfolio of enterprises, serves as Managing Director at Nascent Info Technologies and Trustee at Sanskardham. His multifaceted journey is marked by entrepreneurial excellence and a commitment to education and institutional development.

Mr. Bhagat’s entrepreneurial acumen is evident through his role as a partner or director in more than ten business ventures spanning a spectrum of varied industries. He is the founder of Woods at Sasan and holds the position of Managing Director at 1000 Island Hotels & Resorts in Gujarat. Furthermore, he is the visionary force behind Nascent Info Technologies, a company dedicated to delivering enterprise-level software solutions for e-governance, reflecting his commitment to technological innovation and administration.

In addition to his entrepreneurial ventures, Mr. Bhagat has taken on a pivotal role as a Trustee at Laxman Gyanpith Trust, which oversees numerous educational institutions in Gujarat. His commitment to education finds expression in the Anant School of Excellence, Global Mission International School, Anant National University, Laxman Gyanpith Trust Drone Academy, and Laxman Gyanpith Trust Sports Academy. His visionary approach emphasizes excellence in education, creating an environment where students can thrive holistically.

Mr. Bhagat’s leadership is characterized by transformative initiatives – aimed at enhancing teaching and learning methodologies through innovation. His introduction of digital classrooms and paperless processes underscores his commitment to enriching the educational experience beyond physical boundaries with a lens of sustainability. His pioneering concept of an entrepreneur in residence program and the Aarambh Incubation Center Tinkering Lab reflects his dedication to fostering critical thinking and entrepreneurship among students.

Mr. Maulik Bhagat’s academic foundation includes a Bachelor of Technology (B Tech) from the esteemed Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology (DA-IICT), underscoring his commitment to academic excellence and technological education.

In conclusion, Mr. Maulik Bhagat’s remarkable journey, encompassing entrepreneurship and educational leadership, reflects his unwavering dedication to fostering excellence in both domains. His multifaceted contributions as an entrepreneur, educator, and visionary leader exemplify his commitment to excellence, innovation, and educational advancement.

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