Mr. Kedar Tambe | NAMTECH Board Member
Mr. Kedar Tambe

Mr. Kedar Tambe

Mr. Kedar Tambe, an accomplished professional, currently serves as a Director at K.B. Mehta Construction. His role at the company reflects his dedication to managing the organization and his commitment to excellence in the field of construction.

K.B. Mehta Construction is a well-established private limited company based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, and was incorporated in 1997. As a Director, Mr. Tambe plays a vital role in overseeing the management of the company, ensuring its continued growth and success.

Mr. Tambe’s involvement with K.B. Mehta Construction is deeply rooted, as he represents the second generation of the company’s founding members. His journey within the organization began with rigorous training as a site engineer under the guidance of the founder members. This foundational experience equipped him with the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve the company’s objectives and contribute to the development of new technologies in the construction industry.

Throughout his career, Mr. Kedar Tambe has demonstrated exceptional leadership and management capabilities. He has successfully managed and executed highly challenging and complex projects, including the construction of tall RCC chimneys, silos, prill towers, cooling towers, and preheater towers. His ability to handle such intricate and demanding projects showcases his expertise and proficiency in the construction domain.

In addition to his hands-on experience in construction management and execution, Mr. Tambe also offers project management consultancy services. His multifaceted approach to project management and construction further underscores his commitment to delivering high-quality results and contributing to the success of the organization.
Mr. Tambe’s academic foundation is anchored in his Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering, which he earned in 1982. This educational background has equipped him with the essential knowledge and skills to excel in the field of civil engineering and construction.

In conclusion, Mr. Kedar Tambe’s dedicated and accomplished career within the construction industry, coupled with his role as a Director at K.B. Mehta Construction, reflects his unwavering commitment to excellence and expertise in the management and execution of construction projects.

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