Joson Loh - Training and Support - Visiting Faculty for NAMTECH
Joson Loh

Joson Loh

Joson Loh is the Manager in Training and Support for Festo Pte Ltd. He is responsible for building executable programmes in automation software and programming languages for customised projects. Since attaining his Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment at Singapore Training and Development Association in 2013, Joson has been actively involved in the training and development arm of Festo Didactic as a Didactic Product Specialist to design and curate training programmes tailored to clients’ human resource needs. With a passion for teaching and a goal to help companies improve their workforce in keeping up with industry dynamics, he naturally embraces the latest technological trends and has been pivotal in helping organisations to build their workforce capability and achieve talent retention. Formerly, he was also responsible for products design and development at ST Kinetic, a Singaporean multinational technology and engineering group in the aerospace, smart city, as well as defence and public security sectors, as a Design Engineer.


He will the visiting faculty for NAMTECH for the module – Mechatronics

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