Dr. Pinakin Chaubal - BTech, PhD | Member - NAMTECH Advisory Council
Dr. Pinakin Chaubal

Dr. Pinakin Chaubal

Dr. Pinakin Chaubal is a distinguished luminary of the industrial and technological landscape, currently serving as the Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at ArcelorMittal. With a rich academic background and a wealth of professional experience, he embodies the essence of excellence and innovation in the field of metallurgy and technology.

Dr. Chaubal’s academic journey is characterized by a commitment to academic rigour and scientific acumen. Holding a PhD from the prestigious University of Utah, he has fortified his intellectual foundation, complemented by a Bachelor of Technology (BTech) from the esteemed Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras. These academic credentials underscore his multifaceted approach to knowledge and expertise.

His illustrious career commenced in 1987 at Inland Steel in the United States, and his unwavering dedication led him to join the ArcelorMittal group in 1998 following the acquisition of Inland Steel by Ispat International. Dr. Chaubal’s career is steeped in the domain of process metallurgy, and his dynamic professional trajectory has seen him assume several pivotal roles in research, operations, and technology across various organizations.

With the establishment of ArcelorMittal global research and development (R&D) in 2007, Dr. Chaubal embarked on a journey to Europe as General Manager, responsible for process research and development on a transnational scale. This strategic move reflected his commitment to the global advancement of metallurgical research and development.

In 2014, Dr. Chaubal’s professional journey brought him back to the United States, where he took on additional responsibilities as the Head of Research Management for the Americas. His role expanded as he continued to serve as the Process Portfolio Leader and a member of the global R&D leadership team.

Since May 2019, Dr. Pinakin Chaubal has been serving in his current role as the Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at ArcelorMittal. His leadership in this capacity underscores his unwavering commitment to technological innovation and the advancement of the metallurgical field.

Dr. Chaubal’s professional journey is marked by remarkable accomplishments and his ability to organize research and development teams and programs to drive strategic goals on time and within budget. His strategic acumen in developing innovative technologies to meet strategic objectives has left an indelible mark on the industrial and technological landscape.
In conclusion, Dr. Pinakin Chaubal’s remarkable journey from academic excellence to pioneering leadership in metallurgy and technology serves as a beacon of inspiration in research, development, and innovation. His multifaceted contributions as an academic, scientist, and industrial leader reflect a commitment to excellence and technological advancement.

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